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Hi! I’m Miss Hartle.

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One is for the road we took One blinding moment when we didn’t look When we leaped and soared in the skies No words, no vows, no wan goodbyes The second is for the what could have been The what ifs,…

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I need to superglue this mask on my face. I need to paint a smile, “I’m okay.” Mustn’t let them see, I’m hurting. Mustn’t let it show, I’m cracking. The world still spins without you They’ll all…

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Aurora, This Could Be A Dream

The Gods We Can Touch Tour As someone who has been a fan of Aurora for a few years now, I was ecstatic when I heard she was finally coming to Singapore for a concert. Her unique sound, ethereal…

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You could be my sunshine You could be my star I could swear to love you No matter where you are I could promise you forever Forever and a day I could swear to hold you Keep all your demons at bay…

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MIss Hartle in a nutshell

I’m the director of a design agency and I want to spill the tea on what I’ve learned about leadership and life as a millennial in this crazy, ever-changing world. Navigating our careers and personal lives can be a total struggle, but don’t worry, my blog is here to help make things a little easier (or at least give you a good laugh along the way). Let’s get ready to take on the world, one blog post at a time!

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Music, poetry, musings and exploits from my little corner of the universe called life


Lessons on cross-functional, multi-generational management for aspiring leaders


Product reviews and how-tos on all things Apple, Nintendo, Playstation and Blizzard


Wholesome and helpful factoids and advice on physical and mental well-being