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Expectations vs Reality

I became a huge fan of the nylon and velcro sport band loops for the Apple Watch ever since I developed a bad rash from the rubber sport band. The multicolor of the sport loop is very appealing and the nylon feels soft, light, and breathable like I am not wearing anything on my wrist. It adjusts to any size because of its hook-and-loop mechanism. This is the best watch band for an intense workout. Sweat dries up quickly, unlike with the sport band where the swat gets trapped under the band.

I have been looking forward to getting my hands on the new Elderberry Sport Loop for the Apple Watch Series 8. On the Apple website, the colors of the sport loop look so perfect with the Starlight colored Apple Watch. I love the not-so-dark colors of the nylon and the pink and orange colors of the edges. But in real life, this is not how it looks like. I feel like being catfished… Lol. See the big difference below. ?

Comparison between the display on the apple website vs the actual look. The photo on the left is taken from

What are the top watch faces that match with Elderberry Sport Loop?

I am one who’s quite obsessed with customizing watch bands and watch faces making sure the colors blend well with my outfit and, sometimes… um… moods.

At first, I wanted to return the Elderberry but I realized it actually matched well with my personal wallpaper.


These are the watch faces I am currently using with the Elderberry Sport Loop:

  • Metropolitan, Starlight color, Style I, Dial II
  • Nike Analog, Olive Grey color, Style 4
  • Contour, Starlight color, Regular style, no dial color